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Founder & CEO                                                                           

Ex-British Army and Experienced Entreprenuer

BSc Software Engineering (Hons)                                                          



Co-Founder & CTO 

Experienced Start-Up Founder and Senior Lecturer in Computing

(Buckinghamshire New University)




We strive to bridge the gap in education on the African continent through virtual learning technology.

As the world evolves, so does education. Africa's education requires a new focus. Students are rapidly adapting to the world of technology and it is time for change.

At Red Hippo Virtual Academy, we empower students to reach their potential as they use our virtual learning platform to grow from the learners of today into the leaders of the future.




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Red Hippo is an innovative digital educational support platform that provides online courses for students for all subjects from Lower Primary to Senior High School in Ghana. The platform enables continuous learning for students when they are not in the classroom and it is a powerful tool for lesson revision.

All teachers at Red Hippo Academy are certified by the Ghana Educational Service (GES) and are expert teachers in their field of study. Lessons are delivered in strict accordance with the GES-approved syllabus using learner-friendly language and practical illustrations.

Red Hippo, started in 2019 by London-based Ghanaian Entrepreneur Derrick Agyemang and a team of software developers, seeks to revolutionise e-learning in Ghana by providing a reliable system for unsupervised tutoring that can be accessed from any location. The platform aims to be the main alternative to physical lesson delivery in Ghana’s educational sector.

Our vision is to create a world where high quality education can be accessed easily, free, and reliably. We do not believe a lack of physical infrastructure should hinder young people accessing quality education.

Using our unique approach, we aim to empower the next generation of scholars who will be open-minded, globally oriented, have a desire to solve problems and pursue personal and professional growth.



Our values comprise of five core principles:


We use only the latest technology to design and publish our videos to ensure that we serve our clients and students in the most efficient manner. Beyond our operations, we also encourage all our students to be problem-solvers and do old things in new ways.



At Red Hippo, we do not compromise on accuracy. All our lesson videos are designed carefully by our expert tutors and proofread by peers before publication.



All efforts within the various departments at Red Hippo are coordinated to achieve the highest levels of academic excellence. We strive to ensure all our teachers are of the highest standard and our assessments meet all the necessary criteria.



We truly value the trust you have given us to tutor your children. We ensure your children receive the best of care and attention during their time with Red Hippo.



All our teachers are trained to deliver lessons in a manner that promotes personal discipline and leadership on the part of the student. It is an important objective for us to produce students who are not only academically accomplished but empathetic, visionary and able to think critically.

Red Hippo Virtual Academy provides a student-centred online learning platform for students in Ghana and its neighbouring West African countries. We provide online course material produced by certified lecturers from the Ghana Education Service with many years of experience.